Update History

Date Update Log
07-09-2013 Since some mobile devices (Nokia, WM phones, Palm & etc.) have gone or will disappear from market, mobilePK will not longer support these mobile devices. Finally, only Android mobile phone is survived after more than 10 years since mobilePK was first relased. Ten years means a lots for mobilePK. No registration is required any more. After 10 years, more than 10,000 downloads from worldwide. Once again, thank you for using mobilePK.
08-08-2009 Yeah!   We have successfully ported mobilePK to ANDROID G1 Gphone platform.  I don't have a G1 with me.  Just cannot afford it.  I don't have Blackberry, either.   However, it won't stop me porting mobilePK to these mobile phones.  It seems mobilePK can run on a BB without any problem.  so I just tested it on ANDROID SDK emulator (VGA mode) and find it seems running o.k..  Some buttons (ZoomIn and ZoomOut) seem not working properly, but will not affect its use.  Thanks go to www.netmite.com who developed Java ME MIDP runner for Gphone, and an online converter which can convert an MIDP jar to an apk .  That makes mobilePK be able to run on G1. I will wait for response from our users. one more to go... Apple iPhone.  Hmm... no JB?
12-18-2007 Ooops!  Sorry about that some users may not be able to install successfully with mobilePK v6 as provided on Dec. 17, 2007.  Don't be panic.  We just accidentally used Java ME with MIDP v2.1 to compile mobilePK v6.  That causes problem!   Some mobile devices only support up to MIDP v2, not v2.1.  So the installation is not possible as a result.  Now we have already fixed this.  Just go back to MIDP v2.  That's it. Please re-download the file and install it again.  It works now.  Promised.:-)  We still keep the same version number (v6).  Basically, all algorithms are remained the same. That's why we don't give a new version number for it.  For some websites, they will need a new version number for updated files upload.  Don't know why.  But we have to get used to it.  We will say it v6.1, if it is the case.  As the matter of the fact, it is not.  mobilePK for BlackBerry (BB) mobiles should be no such problem since BB's IDE has not supported MIDP v2.1 yet.  That's very interesting, too.  And don't know why, either.
12-17-2007 O.k., I guess that we've been ready to kickoff mobilePK as freeware now.  Just almost take two weeks since v5.5 was released.  In this version, we fix phenytoin (SS) C->D and D-> C; also digoxin dosage conversion problem from "ng" to "mg".  Both should be normal before v6.  Please click here to get your free registration code.  Thanks to Hero for his efforts that make this possible in a very short time.
12-10-2007 Yes, Freeware! Since the first release of mobilePK (formerly JavaPK for mobile Devices) on Nov. 11, 2004, we had a wonderful time to maintain it, to answer questions from our users and to watch it growing up day by day.   More and more users are choosing mobilePK now.  Since the team becomes busy right now, we decide to let it go as freeware.  Maybe, we should release more as open-source software.  It doesn't mean that we will not maintain mobilePK later.  On the contrary, we will still maintain it actively, because we just love to.  Thank you for choosing mobilePK.
12-05-2007 mobilePK v5.5 is released.  It is one day after NetBeans v6 was released.  After all, some users may wait for a long time for this version.   The following is the brief about this update. (1) Phenytoin non-steady state estimation - with an ode solver in this newly developed algorithm; please don't input too many days (Ts < 7 days is recommended) on it.  It can take huge time to complete calculation.  Lu spent a lot of effort on this ode solver;  In addition, "NG Feeding" option is also added to get better estimation with phenytoin; (2) Limitations for some input function; such as the daily dose of phenytoin should be less than 600 mg. Let us know if there is any inappropriateness for all drugs in mobilePK; (3) Ref. values for some drugs have been fixed, too; and (4) Also, many other updates, so try it yourself.
06-06-2007 The test on Windows Mobile professional v6 on my Dopod CHT 9000 (a 3G cellular phone) has been completed.  mobilePK works on WM6, too.  In WM6, MIDlet Manager is still there and bundled.
05-10-2007 A little bug finally has been fixed with mobilePK for BlackBerry Mobiles ONLY.  This bug was about the switching problem between input options, such as gender (female or male), smoking (yes, no), CHF (yes, no), etc..  The previous version cannot be correctly switch back and forth between provided options.  It was something going wrong in BlackBerry IDE (v4.2.0) that we used to compile mobilePK of previous version.  The new release BlackBerry IDE v4.2.1 does not have such problem.  Thus, for all BlackBerry users, please download mobilePK again, and re-install it on your device.  However, it still remains the same version# (v5.1), although we have already re-compiled mobilePK for all devices.  Don't worry about this problem with previous calculations.  It will not cause serious mistake for final PK parameter estimation since these options are only to provide 'good' initial values of PK parameters for further Bayesian estimation.  Bayesian estimation is a robust method to give you correct PK parameters with final estimates.  Believe it or not?  Now you can try it yourself with your own data.
05-03-2007 While we are improving phenytoin algorithm, we still decide to release this version (5.1) urgently.  This version fixed lithium algorithm for better estimation results (smaller prediction errors than before).  Next version with improved phenytoin algorithm (can be used to estimate Vmax & Km under no steady-state) will released together with JPKD v3.  It is supposed to be soon.
03-08-2007 YH starts working with a phenytoin ode model now. This model will allow to estimate both Vmax & Km parameters when users cannot assure if its steady-state (SS) has reached or not.  This approach may also estimate PK parameters of phenytoin much earlier under non-steady state than that we have to wait until SS.  It can take a long, long time to reach SS for phenytoin. It's really difficult to estimate time required to reach SS for phenytoin.  In many situations, to assume that SS has already reached may not be reasonable or justified.
03-02-2007 fix both the setup file and CAB files for PPC or WM2003/WM5 (re-uploaded).  It works now.
03-01-2007 mobilePK v5 released; carbamazepine, lithium & theophylline (Chiou method & Bayesian) have been added; cyclosporin A algorithm has been fixed also; some algorithms ported from JavaPK for Desktop (incl. UDBM) have been modified; a must-be upgrade ver.; see also 'Update Log' of 02-27-2007 for more details.
02-27-2007 JavaPK for Mobiles has got a new name!  Now it is called mobilePK.  But we will still use its old name "JavaPK" around for a while to allow our users get used to it.  The new version has been ready to release.  Next version will jump to version 5 and will include more TDM drugs in this new release.  Theophylline (Chiou method, Bayesian, and also IR & SR oral dosage forms), lithium and carbamazepine have been added.  One bad news is that the version 5 will no longer run on PalmOS 4 PDA due to increased the required memories (no more than 64 K only!).  So we will keep mobilePK as it was in v3.1.  Don't worry about this.  All registered users of PalmOS v4 PDA can be upgraded to another types of mobile devices for FREE. So this is supposed to be a good news. What about version 4?  Uhh... there was version 4 indeed, but it was not released officially.  Please feel free to contact me.
01-02-2007 v3.1 released. fix some functions in graphic plots (MTC and MEC lines) and more accurate than before; to integrate all ref. into "Help" button for each built-in drug. And now the register's name will appear in the ticker from this upgrade.
11-30-2006 fix a bugs of the warfarin model for the "Help" <-> "Input data" screen switching back-and-forth bug; but still remained the same version #.
11-29-2006  v3.0 released; A warfarin PK/PD model (Ref.) has been added in this version. Dose <--> INR prediction.  A major fix for the function of "input data", especially for cell/mobile phones/smartphone users, has been done.  Now no need to switch from "alphabetic" mode ('abc') to "numeric" mode ('123') frequently any more!  You have to find out how to input the "DECIMAL (.)" point on your cell phone.  Newer cell phones only press the key with '*/+' to input a "decimal" point. However, some other cell phone can be a nuisance.  But once you get used to it, it should be no problem.  This function is only for MIDP v2.0 cell/mobile phones ONLY. Fortunately, most MIDP v1.0 cell/mobile phones have been out of sale for now.
11-27-2006 We choose "JavaPK for Mobiles" as the new program name.
11-23-2006 The first version for  Palm OS v5 or above tested with...
11-06-2006 The first version for BlackBerry Mobiles was released.  Yes, it's v2.5a.
10-10-2006 v2.5a a minor fix has been done. truncation of redundant decimal points for the error message of "Phenytoin" Dosage adjustment (D -> C).
10-05-2006 v2.5 released. fixed "Phenytoin" dosage adjustment (D --> C; when Dosing Rate > Vmax, accidentally input such a daily dose...)
07-04-2006 v2.2 released. fixed "Digoxin" Bayesian estimation problem.  Now the puzzle has been solved.  A must-be upgraded version.
01-18-2006 move to the new website.
01-02-2006 v2.1 released.  Fixed bugs in vancomycin Bayesian algorithm.
10-14-2005 v2.0f released.  Update cyclosporin-A Bayesian estimation algorithm.
09-05-2005 v2.0c released. Some bugs fixed with algorithms of aminoglycosides and vancomycin.
08-01-2005 v2.0a released.  Fixed the limit of the peak conc. of vancomycin in graph plot mode.  We have moved to...
06-27-2005 v2.0: some algorithms updated; sampling times (including peak or trough Cp at steady-state with Sawchuk-Zaske method, and Cs with Bayesian method at the steady-state) for all aminoglycosides  (gentamicin, amikacin, tobramyin and amikacin) and vancomycin are counted from the end time of i.v. infusion, NOT the starting time of i.v. infusion (it was counted from the starting time of i.v. infusion with the previous version); the unit of Cl for digoxin Bayesian has been changed to L/hr (it was L/hr/kg before).
03-27-2005 v1.0b: update aminoglycoside's Bayesian algorithm; simplify some menu used in main program
12-04-2004 v1.0a
11-11-2004 v1.0