Originally created by Sheng-lung Yu & Yung-jin Lee in 2003 (v1.0); later was maintained by Jian-ming Lai & Yung-jin Lee (v1.0b-2.x); by Ying-hao Lu, Jian-ming Lai, Miao-ting Chen & Yung-jin Lee (v3); curretly by Ying-hao Lu & Yung-jin Lee (v5~). College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN 807

- A Computer Program Designed for Clinical Pharmacokinetic (CPK) Services (or Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, TDM) Running on Android mobile phone.
Disclaimer: mobilePK® is created for your own personal uses and testing purposes.  mobilePK® shall be always used as a guide or a decision support tool only.  Medical decisions should NOT be solely based on the results of this program.  Although this program has been tested thoroughly, its accuracy still cannot be guaranteed. Once you use mobilePK®, you have automatically agreed with this announcement.
Program Description: mobilePK (formerly JavaPK for Mobiles) is a clinical pharmacokinetic (or therapeutic drug monitoring, TDM) tool for Android mobile phone only. mobilePK was written in Java ME. It was built with Sawchuk-Zaske method (aminoglycosides and vancomycin), Chiou method (theophylline iv inf.) and Bayesian estimation method (gentamicin, tobramyin, amikacin, vancomycin, digoxin, phenytoin, cyclosporin-A, lithium, carbamazepine, theophylline and warfarin). With Bayesian estimation, one can use only one blood sample (at steady-state) to estimate individual pharmacokinetic parameters at steady-state.  And now we are have a similar program running different platforms running on Mac OS X, Windows PC, and Linux-based PC (Fedora Core 3/4/5).  Please check with JPKD® (formerly JavaPK® for Desktop). Algorithms: Algorithms used to calculate individual pharmacokinetic parameters are based on Sawchuk-Zaske method, Chiou method (for theophylline iv inf. only) and Bayesian estimation.
Freeware: mobilePK is distributed as freeware starting on Dec. 12, 2007.
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