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System requirement (the first step)

Installation of Java virtual machine (JVM) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE): most Mac OS X have built-in Java VM together with computer hardware, and thus doesn't require installing any Java VM again if it is the case. One simple way to test if Java VM has been installed or not on either a Mac or a PC: open a terminal (Mac) or run 'cmd' (on Windows OS) or Ternimal with linux or Mac OS X and run the command 'java ¡Vversion' to see if JVM is installed appropriately and version No., etc.. For more details, please read the bundled file ('install.txt') carefully with the downloaded file.

Installation instructions

  • installation instruction for Mac OS X/Linux/Windows
    After downloading, unzip *.zip file to any folder you like and click JPKD.jar to run if you have installed JVM correct. It should be no problem for Windows OS and Mac OS X users. Some linux distro users may need to do some modificatons to run. Read the bundled file "install.txt" for more details.

  • Installation instruction for Linux distro (ubuntu, arch linux, and many others)
    Please install openjdk-7 or Oracle Java jre or jdk instead of openjdk-6-jre or openjdk-6-jdk! Otherwsie, you will see a BIG funny screen when starting JPKD. Read the bundled file "install.txt" for more details.

  • Mac OS X only
    Using Bundled JRE is strongly recommended. Do not install any other JVM again, unless you can solve any problem involved.


How to use downloaded model files

  • Unzip the *.zip file
  • Go the JPKD installation folder (ex:C:\Program Files\JPKD)
  • Find a UDM folder under JPKD folder
  • Put the model file you downloaded in the "UDM" folder

Example and explanation of model file


Video Demo