Update History

Date Update Log


re-size display font for output results (16 -> 15) & some minor changes.


changed display for linux distros from "Ubuntu Mono" to "DejaVu Sans Mono"; hope this can work for all linux distros.
09-19-2013 increased font size for output file display (used to be too small) & display window too.
09-18-2013 fixed display font based on different OS; increased font size for output file display & display window too.
09-11-2013 fixed output file; set it as "output.OUT" with one click; and disable batch generation.
07-07-2013 yes, still v3.1 but no registration required any more; built date will follow the version # (e.g., b091813).
10-10-2008 v3.1. fix the weblink for free registration.
08-29-2007 a bug fixed to show the exact user's name in the registration dialog.
06-28-2007 v3 released.
  1. users must get a registration code (for free) to activate JGuiB;
  2. jump directly to locate boomer path when starting JGuiB at the first time; This will be requried for the first time and will be saved for the BOOMER path.
  3. modify the .bat building algorithm to add the rule of parameter "type 19" (dummy parameter) of Boomer and two new examples have been provided especially to estimate bioavailability (F) using Bayesian estimation;
  4. add/remove more than one row of data set in "Subject's Data/Weighting" tab;
  5. support user's guide; and
  6. set "about information" as the first Tab and also has a new GUI skin.
03-02-2006 v2.1 released.
  1. now compatible with Boomer v3.2; and also Boomer v3.3.1 (gFortran version) for all three platforms (Apr. 19, 2006);
  2. alter the URL of "link to JGuiB website" BUTTON;
  3. add additional error type (EXP) of simulation for Boomer v3.2; and
  4. modify the .bat building algorithm to follow Boomer version from v3.1.7 when simulation analysis. to add equal weighting option(0) after error type in .bat building algorithm.
01-18-2006 we have moved this new site.
07-06-2005 v2 released; adding more efficient multiple-dosing (only for uniform doses; max. 100 doses) modeling functions with JGuiB built-in "Parameter TAB"; adding Bayesian parameters estimation built-in model library for clinical pharmacokinetic purposes; fixing some bugs of "User's Defined Model" features.
04-02-2005 v1.2 released; adding multiple-dosing (allow non-uniform doses) .bat generating algorithms with m_Dose (non zero-ordered) and m_Ro (zero ordered) i.v. infusion with two examples project files; built-in models changed; and some new GUI functions in "Parameters TAB" were added.
11-11-2004 v1.0 announced.