JGuiB - A Free GUI for BOOMER (BOOMER:- an Excellent Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modeling Computer Program);
JGuiB is
as freeware. 

(v3.1.b012714); Files updated on
Jan 27, 2014. For Boomer v3.3.1 or later version (gFortran ver.) of Mac OS X, please find the executive file, boomer, at the folder of '/usr/bin' from JGuiB after you install Boomer. created & maintained by Ying-hao (Hero) Lu and Yung-jin Lee, College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN 807

Program Description JGuiB is a graphic front-end (GUI) written in Java SE (used to be called "J2SE"; designed and implemented to work with Boomer which is an excellent PK/PD modeling program.  One does not eventually need JGuiB at all to run Boomer if he or she is familiar with Boomer under MS-DOS or Terminal mode (Mac OS X).  JGuiB turns interactive (menu-driven) mode of Boomer into a GUI-based (window) application using command-line mode of Boomer.  JGuiB includes three most commonly used functions of Boomer in PK/PD modeling: normal fitting, simulation and Bayesian estimation.  JGuiB can process more than one PK/PD model (max. 4 models in one project file) with various weighting schemes simultaneously using one data set.  Meanwhile, Bayesian estimation can also be applied to the field of clinical pharmacokinetic services with only one single data point Cp at steady-state.  Thanks to Dr. Bourne – the developer of Boomer, for his sincere assistance through the whole project.  Currently, JGuiB supports both PC (WinXP/Win7/Win8.x), linux distros (such as ubuntu) and iMac (Mac OS X) computers.

Limitations Since Boomer of Macintosh version (MacOS) (not Boomer of Mac OS X) does not support the command-line mode, JGuiB will not work with this version.  For more information, please refer to Boomer Online Manual at its website (http://www.boomer.org).

Documentation User's Guide.

Future Works JGuiB has not included all Boomer’s functions yet, such as AUC calculations (non-compartmental analysis), Monte-Carlo simulation, and many more.
Tech Support: mobilepk@gmail.com

Yung-jin Lee, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy,
College of Pharmacy,
Kaohsiung Medical University,
Kaohsiung, TAIWAN 807