a Java GUI for Boomer:- Boomer is an excellent PK/PD modeling tool
(WinXP/Vista/Win7, Mac OS X &

(formerly JavaPK for Desktop) a clinical pharmacokinetic tool using Bayesian estimation, Sauchuk-Zaske method for aminoglycoside/ vancomycin, and Chiou method for theophylline; includes 15 commonly monitored drugs. User defined tdm model is allowed. (WinXP/Vista/Win7,  Mac OS X & Linux-PC)
a data analysis tool for individual pharmaco-kinetics created on 2005 for R (click to play .avi demo, please use full-screen mode to view. Press F11 with IE or Firefox)
a package for the in-vitro and in-vivo correlation (ivivc) modeling and model validation; created on 2008 for R and has been released on April 11, 2008. click to play flash demo

a package for BE/BA data analysis for R including sample size estimation, noncompartmental analysis (NCA), ANOVA (2x2x2 crossover), linear mixed effect model (lme for replicated crossover or parallel ABE studies) and some outlier detection analysis. Bear was first released on July, 10, 2008. (demo was created with v1.0.0)

a tool for therapeutic drug monitoring created on 2006 for R using Brug to call WinBUGS to estimate PK/PD parameters (click to play .avi demo, please use full-screen mode to view. Press F11 with IE or Firefox)
a package for data analysis of drug stability based on the algorithms suggested by the ICH guideline Q1E Evaluation of Stability Data (such as estimation of shelf-life from a 3-batch or more drug stability profiles.) for R

last update: Jan. 27, 2014
(best browsed with Firefox)
(formerly JavaPK for Mobiles.) mobilePK is clinical pharmacokinetic application running on different mobile phones. It's written with Java ME, and designed for Android mobile phone.

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Contact: Yung-jin lee, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor,
College of Pharmacy,
Kaohsiung Medical University,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
e-mail: mobilepk@gmail.com